About the task force

“The mission of the Judicial Selection Task Force is to assemble a group of persons of superior character, integrity and intellect to study the processes of judicial selection in this state and various alternatives that are exercised in other states. The study group will affirm what is good about Michigan’s judicial selection processes and formulate recommendations for appropriate changes that could enhance or elevate public trust and confidence in the impartiality of Michigan courts.

The task force will reflect the political and demographic diversity of this state. Members will be drawn from the bar, the bench, civic groups, the academic community and associations of shared interest. All members will share a commitment to fair and impartial courts. The study is concerned with the processes of judicial selection, not the judges and justices who are selected through those processes.”

— taken from the Judicial Selection Task Force report

Honorary Chair

Hon. Sandra Day O’Connor


Hon. Marilyn Kelly

Hon. James L. Ryan


Loretta M. Ames

Andrew Doctoroff

Patricia L. Donath

Peter L. Dunlap

J. Kay Felt

Robert F. Garvey

W. Anthony Jenkins

Hon. H. Lynn Jondahl

Hon. John H. Logie

Hon. Olivia (Libby) Maynard

Terrence E. Nagle

Edward M. Parks

Bruce D. Peterson

Michael L. Pitt

Wallace D. Riley

Paul A. Rosen

Iris K. Salters

Michael G. Sarafa

Hon. John J.H. Schwarz, M.D.

Charles R. Toy

Janet Welch

Hon. William C. Whitbeck

Justin R. Long, Reporter

Rich Robinson, Project Assistant


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